28 Apr 2010

Create a wind barrier. Cassia, citrus, birch, sumac, privet, cherries, and plums are among the trees that are nectar and host plants for a wide range of butterflies. Butterflies are nearsighted, plant large groups of flowering plants that butterflies can see from a distance. Daisy-like flowers, including asters, blanket flowers, coreopsis, cosmos, coneflowers, black eyed […]

27 Apr 2010

Eco-Friendly Outdoor Spaces If you’re looking to go “green” and do your part in saving the environment, outdoor living is a great place to start. Organic living is being utilized across the globe by using reusable and renewable resources. Shop at thrift stores, consignment shops or garage sales for wonderful items. Re-using another man’s junk […]

26 Apr 2010

To keep weeds out of the lawn, a good defense is the best offense. To encourage a stronger healthier lawn, let the grass grow until it is four inches tall before mowing with a cutting height of two inches or more. Letting the lawn grow longer makes the roots stronger and decreases the room weeds […]

25 Apr 2010

If you’re selling your current house or moving into a new one, great landscaping is essential for instant curb appeal, making your house an inviting investment. Before visitors leave their cars they will subconsciously decide what feeling your house and landscaping gives them. Curb appeal is easily achieved with a little thought and planning. Spending […]

23 Apr 2010

A container garden can be as simple as putting a plant in a pot, but with a little time and attention to detail it can also be a source of beauty and joy. These portable gardens can be enjoyed anywhere, whether you live in an apartment with a tiny deck, or you’re looking to add […]

22 Apr 2010

Earth Day is one holiday the entire world can celebrate by giving back to our one and only Mother Earth. The first Earth Day was organized by peace activist John McConnell, coinciding with the 1969 UNESCO conference held in San Francisco around the Spring Equinox on March 20th. John McConnell was a Midwesterner who moved […]

21 Apr 2010

People who live in apartment buildings are limited in their gardening choices. Many units have small balconies, which presents residents with a couple of choices. The standard sized balcony has just enough room for a small table and a couple of chairs, or an outdoor garden to enhanceor conceal the view. There are a number […]

21 Apr 2010

The Southern California Friendly Garden combines the beauty of native and California-friendly plants with efficient water use outdoors. Are you following the basic principles of water wise landscaping in your garden? Use less-than-thirsty plants in your garden. Keep turf grass (the thirstiest plant of all!) to a minimum. Look for plants that are well-suited to […]

20 Apr 2010

How many of us stop to think about what’s in the air we are breathing? Given the fact that we involuntarily take in as many as 20,000 life sustaining breaths in a typical day, it stands to reason that the quality of each inhale should be a thing of upmost importance. So what is air? […]