Repairs & Renovations

If a few sprinklers are busted or you need a complete flower bed renovation, we can help. Seasonals, annuals, and irrigation repairs can be part of your maintenance plan or done on an as needed basis.

Common items requiring repair maintenance include:

  • Broken heads
  • Broken risers
  • Poorly adjusted heads
  • Heads that are crooked or not plumb
  • Plugged or semi-plugged nozzles
  • Mismatched heads
  • Mismatched nozzles that are to the precipitation rate
  • Pressures that are too high or too low
  • Sunken heads
  • Sticky electric valves
  • Spray deflection by plants or hardscapes
  • Inoperative rain switches or soil-moisture sensors

Typically, these items can be repaired at a minimal cost of time and money! The single most important aspect of conducting an evaluation of your irrigation system is to look at the system and make sure it is operating properly.

By closely evaluating your irrigation system, we will gain a much clearer picture of its performance. Our service will help you maintain your sprinkler- irrigation system at the designed efficiency and uniformity to achieve optimum performance.

To set up an appointment for one of our experts to visit your site, please call Green Acres at 760-822-4009.