Plant Selection

Proper plant selection is one the most important “secrets” in successful landscaping. Plants shapes and colors are the “flavors” that bring your garden to life. They’re also elements that can be used with purpose such as screening, shade, erosion control, dividing, focal points, noise control, etc. So choosing the right plants for the right place and purpose is helpful for professional looking and beautiful landscapec. We have made it easy for you to do this with our easy to follow 5 Landscapes Planting Plans and Container Recipes.Decide on the type plant you want, selecting one that is hardy in your area. Consider its ultimate size and average growth rate. Landscape characteristics such as form, color, texture, foliage, and fruits and berries should be considered. Whatever the reason for planting, select healthy, well-shaped, pest-free plant material such as that availble at Green Acres Nursery.

Plant Growth – Habits and Characteristics

First, there are some common mistakes that people make about plant selection. Usually this is simply because of a lack of knowledge of the growth habits and characteristics of individual plants. The size plants reach at maturity, light requirements, heat and wind tolerance, and soil preference are the most common.

Planting large trees and shrubs to close too a home or structure can crack the foundation of the home. Smaller plants are cost effective but need time and proper spacing to fill out. Use our spacing guidelines included with each plan.

You can use our plant database for reference. You’ll save a lot of time and frustration being able to look up plants according to your specific conditions, type of plant, color, characteristics, by name, and so on.