29 Jul 2011

Benefits of Negative Ions

Imagine listening to the tranquil bubbling of a waterfall and watching the peaceful play of light and shadows created by the rippling water and aquatic plants bordering your backyard pond. The peaceful, serene feeling created by the sound of bubbling water does more than relax and relieve stress; water features and natural landscapes have been studied extensively for their effects on the human psyche. According to research published in the Journal of Environmental Psychology, Richard Ryan, a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester, found that test subjects felt more alive and energized when exposed to natural environments for 20 minutes a day. The study revealed subjects could increase vitality and vigor by looking out at natural landscapes or imagining themselves in a natural situation. Similar studies from the United Kingdom found participants living near parks and woodlands with water features enjoyed better health and a longer lifespan compared to their counterparts who did have access to the same natural landscape features.

While the West is only beginning to understand the benefits of water, its power has been known in the East for centuries. Through science, process of ionization and the structure of negative ions in widely understood; running water creates a unique effect known as negative ionization. Every time a drop of water splashes and breaks apart, the atomic structure changes to incorporate more negatively charged electrons. The effect of negative ions in water splashes is particularly noticeable near natural waterfalls and large fountains, where the air feels and smells clean, cool, and fresh. Negative ionization is used in home air purifiers for removing carbon dioxide and pollutants from the indoor air and promoting healthy oxygenation. For thousands of years, the Ancient Chinese have recognized chi as the universal life force found in all living things. According to Chinese principles, chi or life force in generated by water, food, and air. For centuries, fountains, koi ponds, and water features have been regarded as essential elements in the Feng Shui where water features are strategically placed to improve the flow of chi and positive energy.

By releasing clouds of negatively charged ions that purify the air, backyard ponds and waterfalls create a relaxed stress-free atmosphere that feels miles away from the day’s troubles. Indoor tabletop fountains and white noise machines attempt to replicate the soothing effects of fountains and waterfalls, but they are poor replacements for the natural ambiance of a private backyard hideaway with its own secluded koi pond and waterfall. Visitors and family will delight in searching for the eye-catching shimmer of the golden-scaled koi that inhabit your pond.

Backyard ponds and pondless waterfalls are a great why to make a high-impact statement in a small area. The professional design service and installation crew at Green Acres will work with you through every step of the process to create your own special oasis with a tropical or exotic flair. Ponds can be added to nearly any area of the landscape, including cramped corners, awkward slopes, and isolated strips of land cut off by walkways. Install a custom pond or waterfall to create your own private backyard oasis that melts stress away and benefits the health.

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