10 Ways to Save Water Outdoors


The average homeowner uses twice the amount of water needed to keep plants healthy. Use the watering calculator and index at bewaterwise.com to know exactly how much water your plants need.


Check your sprinkler system for leaks, overspray and broken sprinkler heads. Update with drip or other more water-efficient sprinklers where appropriate.


This fall, plant a portion of your garden with beautiful native and California Friendly plants. Browse the plant database at bewaterwise.com to find just the right look for your outdoor spaces.


Reduce the amount water-thirsty grass. Keep only what you need and replace the rest with less-thirsty plants or permeable paving.


For the grass you keep, set your lawnmower blade higher.


Adjust your sprinkler timer downward in September. Plants need less water when days are shorter


Use a broom instead of the hose for cleaning sidewalks and patios.


Mulch! A layer of bark, gravel, compost, sawdust or low-growing groundcover evens out soil temperature and allows better water retention.


Check the list of invasive plants that hurt our environment at caleppc.org and remove any from your garden.


Share these tips with your gardener, neighbors and friends. Water conservation should be a part of every Southern Californians lifestyle but that doesn’t mean we can’t have lunch and beautiful outdoor spaces. — (bewaterwise.com).