14 Dec 2011

Soils in southern California are predominately clay. Great for making pottery but terrible for supporting plant life. Because of its small particle size, clay becomes easily compacted, and thus drains slowly or not at all. Also, clay soils prevent air from reaching the roots, which slows plant growth and retards microorganism growth. Recipe for “Black […]

29 Jul 2011

Benefits of Negative Ions Imagine listening to the tranquil bubbling of a waterfall and watching the peaceful play of light and shadows created by the rippling water and aquatic plants bordering your backyard pond. The peaceful, serene feeling created by the sound of bubbling water does more than relax and relieve stress; water features and […]

17 May 2011

Installing an automatic irrigation system is the single most important thing homeowners can do to backup their investment in landscape improvements. With consistent irrigation, landscape plants grow larger, healthier, and more resistant to drought and disease. Today’s high-tech drip irrigation systems sense water needs and deliver precisely measured amounts of water directly to the root […]

03 Apr 2011

Lower Your Water Bill with Drip Irrigation Irrigating systems have been used since the dawn of civilization. The Mesopotamians, Egyptians, and Aztecs developed their own complex methods for delivering water to their vital crops and edible plants. Fortunately, modern irrigation systems don’t require a massive waterwheel and team of oxen to operate. Today’s modern drip […]

09 Mar 2011

In as little a one month, you can be enjoying a brand-new, professionally installed front yard landscape and backyard retreat. Backyard decks and DIY landscape projects can languish for years in various states of completion. With professional installation, your landscape or handscape project will be done quickly and done right. As nursery, design group and […]

26 Jan 2011

Adding professionally designed landscaping can turn an ordinary suburban property into an extraordinary gem. When done correctly, landscaping can complete a look, increase home value, and dramatically transform an average backyard into a spectacular hideaway. Investing in a professionally prepared landscape design ensures customer satisfaction and guarantees years of enjoyment. With assistance from professional landscape […]

22 Jul 2010

Rock features are some of the world’s most striking natural wonders. But when Chimney Rock is in the backyard it’s not so inspiring. Mountain tops and rocky glades produce some of the most amazing specimens, from weather-beaten junipers to tiny alpine flowers that the mountain top climate has evolved some incredibly unique plants. Alpine plants […]

10 Jul 2010

Palms are a uniquely tropical group   of exotic plants. Not only are palms symbolic of sandy beaches and vacations, they are diverse family of plants that include compact species and tall trees over 100 feet tall. Fortunately, for homeowners who want that tropical look there are palms that withstand harsh conditions and can fit in […]

28 Jun 2010

What type of soil do you have? Soil chemistry is very complex topic. There are laboratories and advanced college courses dedicated entirely soil science. Knowing the measurements of a few soil components can greatly increase the health of landscape plants and the lawn. When things go seriously wrong with the soil, plants will start to […]