Water Efficiency

By applying water only where and when it is needed, with less runoff, less deep percolation, and less evaporation from leaves and soil, the uniform application of water from drip irrigation systems can achieve high water savings.

Ease of Installation

The system can be installed without special tools or glue, and with limited knowledge, making the installation a very simple process. Comprised of various plastic co, DIG low volume irrigation systems install easily above or below the ground.

Reduced Pest Problems and Weed Growth

Watering only the roots of your plants with drip irrigation cuts down on water-borne pests and fungal diseases that spread by water movement, as well as the germination of weeds in the area between your plants.


Low volume irrigation systems are designed for placement in both new and existing landscape areas, and are ideal for installation on difficult terrain such as on slopes, in oddly shaped areas, and on windy sites.

Root Zone

One of the most important aspects of drip irrigation is the fact that in many instances, a totally new and more favorable root zone environment is created and a relatively constant soil moisture level is maintained. This fact has important implications because it bears upon questions of plant water requirements, tolerance and control of disease.


Investing in a low volume irrigation system can save you money and significantly lower your water use.

Long Life

All DIG products are designed to withstand the harshest conditions in both home and commercial installations. They are manufactured of high quality, highly durable plastics and contain added quantities of the compound Carbon Black, making them resistant to the damaging effects of ultraviolet rays.