Sprinkler Irrigation Installation

Green Acres installs quality irrigation & sprinkler products for residential and commercial properties. Let Green Acres help you save money with designing and installing irrigation systems. By installing a new sprinkler system or upgrading an existing system we can help you save water and money.

Irrigation Services Offered

  • New Sprinkler System Installation
  • Modify existing irrigation system to be water wise
  • Micro drip irrigation installation
  • Landscape Drainage installation

Services include

  • Drainage – Drain cleaning and snaking
  • Re-program Automatic Sprinkler timer to water on the correct days, at the correct times of day, and correct duration of time.
  • Adjust sprinkler heads so that they are not watering hard surfaces such as sidewalks, walkways, driveways or parking areas.
  • Fix leaks from pipes, valves and fixtures.
  • Irrigation Timer installation
  • Timer Programming
  • Replace Valves
  • Troubleshoot irrigation wiring problems
  • Add a new sprinkler lines
  • Install Drip Systems
  • Fix Broken pipes or lines
  • Regulators Irrigation system and sprinkler tuning
  • “Smart” controller, rain and moisture sensor installations
  • Sprinkler head and general irrigation system retrofitting