02 May 2010


We work hard to turn our back yards into sanctuaries, retreats where we go to relax and recharge after a hectic day. We strive to create an Eden of our own, a place that conjures up peace and serenity. Nothing does this quite as effectively as a water garden. The benefits are many; not only for you and your children but also your neighbors and the environment.

Most of us have experienced the soothing sound of water splashing over rocks, but it can also provide the added benefit of drowning out other, less desirable noises, such as a busy street or loud neighbors. Moving water has the added benefit of releasing negative ions into the atmosphere, helping to purify the air. This is why air always seems fresher by the ocean or near a river. A body of water also helps cool the area around it.

Water gardens naturally attract existing wildlife already living in the area, giving you and any children in your life the opportunity to commune with nature in a way that is unique to most city dwellers. Sit quietly in your yard and watch birds bath, butterflies drop in for delicate sips of water, and frogs soaking in the shallows. Add koi for a dazzling sparkle below the surface as well. There are countless unique and fanciful plants to adorn your garden with; delicate floating lilies, delightful feathery papyrus and diminutive fairy moss to name a few.

For the water conscious they can be used without worry. Water gardens have a stigma for being water wasteful, but if planned correctly, they need no more than a traditional lawn and sometimes even less. The best way to achieve this is with proper shading of the pool with trees and shrubs or with the plants growing in your garden such as lilies.

With everything a water garden has to offer, your yard will become an enchanting place to entertain and delight guests during summer bbq’s or evening cocktail parties. Your back yard will become the envy of the neighbor hood and increase the value of your home.

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