Grower: Over 500 varieties of “Tough” plants, trees, and groundcover used in southwestern landscapes.

Designer: Landscape design plans created to specifications so you can keep your project on budget.

Installer: Licensed landscape installer of plants, trees, irrigation systems, water features, concrete work, paver, and block installation.

(License# CA-952496)

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From simple sketches and Photoshop designs to computer drafting, we can help you design your project to your exact specifications and on budget. Most designs can be completed by hand sketch or by creating a pictorial design of your property in Photoshop. A completed design includes a landscape design plan, the plants list, pictures and descriptions of all plants used in the design, instructions on how to care for your new plants. Green Acres can also help with the installation of plants and trees. Our installations rates are very competitive and come with a 1 year guarantee on the plant material.
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  • New landscape designs
  • Seasonal Color changes Design
  • Modify landscape using low water plants
  • Updating  areas of the yard
  • Sod and Mulch installation
  • Trees, plants, groundcover installation

We can design and install an Irrigation system to meet the specific needs of your property. A well designed irrigation system you can have a beautiful landscape which is designed to be water efficient. With the increasing cost of water in California the payback for converting to miro-drip irrigation and water efficient nozzles is very fast. Now is a great time to have your lawn irrigation system thoroughly inspected. It will save you time and money in the near future. Green Acres offers a free onsite inspection with no obligation.

Green Acres can help you troubleshoot and repair your existing sprinkler systems and make recommendations on how to save water with some minor modifications. Whether it is a few busted sprinklers or you need a complete flower bed renovation we can help. We can help you to save money by converting your irrigation system to miro-drip irrigation and water efficient nozzles. This will provide an immediate savings in your landscape water consumption.

Common items requiring repair maintenance include:

  •   Broken heads
  •   Broken risers
  •   Poorly adjusted heads
  •   Heads that are crooked or not plumb
  •   Plugged or semi-plugged nozzles
  •   Mismatched heads
  •   Mismatched nozzles that are  to the precipitation rate
  •   Pressures that are too high or too low
  •   Sunken heads
  •   Sticky electric valves
  •   Spray deflection by plants or hardscapes
  •   Inoperative rain switches or soil-moisture sensors

Let Green Acres help to install a low-voltage landscape lighting system. Landscape lighting has been shown to not only beautify your property at night and highlight your landscape, but also it increases property value. In addition landscape lighting helps to reduce crime by keeping dark areas of your yard illuminated.